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Radon Mitigation

Radon Mitigation System in closet

At Doug Lacey’s Basement Authority, we create a safe living space for you and your family. We specialize in effective radon mitigation solutions that ensure your home remains safe and radon-free. With our proven products and installation methods, we’re committed to enhancing the health and safety of your home for years to come.

Radon, an invisible and naturally occurring gas, is often unnoticed but can present significant health hazards. It has no smell or taste, which means it can easily be ignored.

For those concerned about radon, Doug Lacey’s Basement Authority is ready to assist in safeguarding your home from this hidden danger.

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Radon Problem Signs

Radon itself is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas, so it doesn’t present any immediate signs that can be detected without specific testing.

However, the problem with radon arises from its long-term exposure risks rather than immediate symptoms. Prolonged exposure to radon gas can lead to serious health problems, most notably lung cancer. It is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States after smoking.

Homeowners should consider testing for radon:

  • When purchasing a new home.
  • After performing renovations that might change the air flow in their house.
  • If they have lived in their home for many years but have never tested for radon.

Testing kits for radon are readily available and can be used to measure the levels in a home to determine if mitigation is needed. If radon levels are found to be high (4 pCi/L or higher, according to the EPA), steps should be taken to mitigate radon through techniques such as radon venting systems.

Radon Mitigation Services We Provide In Southern Alberta

Create a Healthier, Safer Home. Protect Your Family.

What We Do
  • Redirecting Air Flow: The “stack effect” draws air from beneath your home up into your living space. By depressurizing the soil beneath your home, we can redirect radon gas away from these areas.
  • Creating a Suction Point: A hole is drilled into the foundation to serve as a suction point for the radon gas. Depending on the size of your home, more than one suction point may be necessary.
  • Installing Ventilation Pipes: Radon gas is then vented through a pipe connected to the suction point. This pipe can be routed either through the interior or exterior of the house.
  • Venting Radon Outdoors: The PVC pipe is connected to a fan, typically located in the basement or mounted externally in an insulated box. The fan expels the radon gas outside, above the ground level, ensuring it does not re-enter the home.
  • Sealing Entry Points: To minimize radon entry, cracks and openings in the foundation and walls are sealed using caulk.
  • System Inspection: Once the system is installed, it undergoes a comprehensive check to ensure it meets all safety guidelines.
  • Retesting for Radon: Finally, the effectiveness of the system is tested to ensure radon levels are significantly reduced.

We help protect everything you love, starting with your home’s foundation.

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Ignoring radon problems compromises your safety. If you have concerns, Doug Lacey’s Basement Authority is ready to help. Addressing these problems promptly saves lives.

Our dedicated customer service team will help you set up a free, no-obligation inspection of your property.

Contact Doug Lacey’s Basement Authority today to begin the journey toward a safer and healthier living environment. With us, you’ll receive expert support at every step.


The EPA recommends taking action to mitigate radon in homes with radon levels at or above 4 picocuries per liter (pCi/L) of air. 

Properly designed and installed radon mitigation systems can reduce radon levels by up to 99%. 

It’s recommended to have a professional install the system to ensure it meets EPA guidelines and is effective in reducing radon levels. 

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