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Crawl Space Repair

Your crawl space might be the last place you want to go—it’s dark, damp, and full of creepy crawlers. Despite this, it plays a vital role in the stability and health of your home, especially in Calgary, where the harsh winters and humid summers can intensify problems.

At Basement Authority of Calgary, we understand these challenges and are committed to transforming your crawl space into a strong, dry, and functional area. Our proven products and installation methods ensure it remains stable and efficient, despite Calgary’s fluctuating weather.

Whether you’re dealing with sagging floors or trying to improve energy efficiency during the cold winters, Basement Authority of Calgary is here to help. Let us enhance your crawl space to better protect your home year-round.

Structural Integrity Starts in Your Crawl Space. Schedule Your Free Inspection Today!

Understand What’s Below Your Floors

The structural integrity of your home depends on the condition of your crawl space. When compromised, the entire stability of your home can be at risk. In Calgary, where extreme weather fluctuations are common, these issues can be exacerbated.

Structural Problem Signs

Inside My Home
  • Drywall Cracks
  • Uneven Floor
  • Nail Pops
  • Floor Gaps
  • Sticking Doors & Windows
Outside My Home
  • Sinking Foundation
  • Foundation Wall Cracks
  • Cracked Bricks
  • Cracked Chimney
  • Foundation Settlement
Under My Home
  • Bouncy Floors
  • Over Spanned Floor Joists
  • Sagging Floors

Unhealthy Crawl Space Problem Signs

Moisture Problem Signs
  • Drainage Problems
  • Crawl Space Humidity
  • High Energy Bills
  • Crawl Space Moisture
  • Wood Rot
  • Crawl Space Mold
  • Musty Smells
  • Pests in Crawl Space
  • Wet Crawl Space Insulation
Crawl Space Moisture Solutions
  • Control Ground Water Seepage
  • Properly Insulate the Home
  • Change the Environment
  • Crawl Space Encapsulation

How We Repair Your Crawl Space

Creating a stable and dry crawl space involves specific repair solutions to transform your crawl space into a robust, moisture-free space that enhances the overall stability of your home.

Fix Unlevel Floors

CrawlDrain being installed in crawl space
What We Do

When problems arise, your floors often send warning signs. Sagging, bouncing, and uneven floors are gentle nudges that prompt immediate action. At Basement Authority of Calgary, we address your concerns with precision by providing advanced supports specifically designed for your foundation, eliminating issues with sagging and uneven floors.

What We Use

Crawl Space Jacks

Fortify Your Foundation

What We Do

Our team carefully evaluates the key areas contributing to instability in your crawl space foundation. By strategically placing piers, we ensure a durable and stable foundation for your home.

What We Use

Push Piers

Helical Piers

We help protect everything you love, starting with your home’s foundation.

Contact Basement Authority of Calgary for Crawl Space Repair Today!

Ignoring issues in your crawl space can threaten your home’s safety, comfort, and overall value. If you’re dealing with sagging floors, bouncy surfaces, or persistent damp odors from below, Basement Authority of Calgary is ready to help. Taking action now can save you from costly repairs later.

Our customer service team is here to guide you through our wide range of crawl space repair services and set up a free, no-obligation inspection of your property.

During this detailed evaluation, our certified inspectors will thoroughly assess the condition of your crawl space, identify the root causes of your structural issues, and

develop tailored reinforcement solutions, including the installation of our specialized crawl space supports.

Reach out to us today to begin improving your home’s safety and health. With Basement Authority of Calgary, you can count on expert support every step of the way.


Yes, unresolved crawl space issues, especially those involving moisture and structural shifts, can lead to serious foundation problems, compromising the stability of your home.

Repairing a damaged crawl space prevents further structural damage, improves air quality in your home, reduces energy costs, and prevents pests and mold from becoming a problem.

Encapsulation helps control moisture levels, reduces the risk of mold and wood rot, improves indoor air quality, and can enhance energy efficiency.

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